June 2007
The Annual Birchwood Camp, took place at the Gosfield Lake Camp Site near Braintree in Essex.

Diving In

Diving In!

Leave this to me

”Leave this to me…I’m a black belt!”

There she blows

There she blows!

Hiding from the Sun

Hiding from the Sun.

Horse Riding Stance

Jean, supplier of all the photographs on this web page is seen here giving a demonstration of Kiba Dachi (Horse Riding Stance).

cooking alfresco

Ian cooking alfresco.

The Duck Catcher

Luke. AKA The Duck Catcher.

Joe and his Coke fix

Joe and his Coke fix.

Another line of coke

Another line of coke for Joe.




There was some sun

There was some sun.

Can I come in

”Can I come in please?”.


”Where’s the plug for this microwave”.

mokuso - meditation

Mokuso (meditation).

Spot the Frisby

Welcome to the Birchwood Karate Club’s Spot the Frisbee Competition!